A beautiful nursery with cot bedding is best for baby when it is healthy as well. Consider only cot duvet that is 100% washable and consider anti allergy cot bed duvet. Even a newborn can have allergies and some baby blankets and duvets are synthetic.

Before you purchase cot bed duvet sets or bedding for the nursery check the labels to see how and where they are made. Washing instructions will help as well because you must wash all of the bedding before you place it on the crib. Only the best, healthiest and safest cotbed duvet will do for the baby. Anti-allergy cot bed duvets helps eliminate the effects of mite allergens – a cause of allergies including asthema and eczema.

Cot Bed Duvet Cover – Should Be Washable Fabric

Cot bed duvet covers for babies should definitely be made of 100% washable material. That may be cotton, or there are also some nice blends on the market. You may even want darker colors for added security from all of those pesky stains. Other patterns, stripes, or solids, florals, stars, hearts and animals are just a few other more basic motifs your baby will enjoy sleeping under.

Look for soft and washable cot duvet covers. It doesn’t matter whether you spend a little or a lot on the cot duvet cover your baby will use, but you should make sure that the sheets and other cot bed duvet covers that will touch baby’s skin is very soft. Choose a fabric that will wash easily, and make sure that all of the can be washed in a machine. Babies make too many messes to deal with hand-washing or spot-treating

Safety information: Duvets and quilts are only suitable from 12 months upwards.